One of my goals this year is to get OUT from behind this screen & attend more lectures and events in person. I've made my intentions to go to Pearls of the Qur'an 2015 and I'm selling limited-edition #PearlsforPearls journals & prints in order to help cover the cost.

I have to order at least 100 to get them printed so I'm running a crowd funding campaign via Launchgood to collect the orders.

Check back throughout the campaign for new notes from past years of Pearls of the Qur'an:

Feb 27th  Commentary on Al-Fatiha: Pt. 1 - Imam Suhaib Webb
Mar 2nd  Commentary on Al-Fatiha: Pt. 2- Imam Suhaib Webb 
Mar 5th   Striking the Balance: A Qur'anic Imperative- Imam Khalil Abdur Rashid & Marc Manley
Mar 8th The Verse of the Throne - Imam Mohamed Magid 
Mar 11th   The Covenant of the Prophets- Moutasem Atiya 
Mar  14th   The Call to the Believers in the Qur'an: Pt. 1- Imam Zaid Shakir 
Mar 17th The Call to the Believers in the Qur'an: Pt. 2- Imam Zaid Shakir 

MARCH 30th (12:45 AM EST) Last Day to Get A Limited-Edition #PearlsforPearls Journal