The Story of Jibreel

One of the things I decided that I REALLY wanted to do this year (and was making du'a about) is getting out and attending more events offline! Alhamdullilah I had the opportunity to actually go, in person and sit amongst the packed crowed of people (and in sha Allah angels) for the Bayyinah class on Jibreel, taught by Shaykh Omar Sulieman.  As soon as Bayyinah first announced this new class, I knew I wanted to take it, because my youngest son's middle name is Jibreel, though we spell it differently, and alhamdullilah Allah facilitated it for me.

I took lots of notes, but since it's a paid class, and since I encourage you to actually go (IN PERSON)I don't want to ruin all the surprises, I'll only share a few snippets of notes here

You can check the schedule here and see when/if the Jibreel class, or any of the other seminars are coming your way anytime soon.