#TaleefLIVE- Week 3 [Sketchnotes]

This past Sunday was week 3 of #TaleefLIVE, the global livestream of Ustadh Usama Canon's Living Right class from Ta'leef in Fremont, California. This class text for this session is Imam al-Haddad's The Counsels of Religion. You can check out the Ta'leef Blog for the full syllabus and brief notes from each session, and visit Ta'leef Media for live streaming on Sunday nights 7:30-9:30 (PST), the videos are usually posted for 48 hrs after the class is over if the timing of the live session doesn't work for you.

It's always really cool to see things that were crowd funded actually come into fruition. I enjoyed the first two sessions and FINALLY took real notes during session 3.  You can check out my notes below:


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