Philosophy 101 [Lettering & Poetry]

I'm still fairly new to hand lettering, but I really enjoy it and in sha Allah will continue to improve over time. This is a piece I worked on back in November inspired by a line from a poem my sister wrote. You can listen to the poem below and read a mini-interview I did with her on what inspired her to write it.

Umm Sultan: So the title of this poem is Philosophy 101, can you tell me a little bit about why that's relevant and what inspired you to write it?

Sarai Ruth: A Philosophy class I took and just hearing some of the opinions as to how the universe was created. Me having confidence in knowing that Allah created it, it inspired me to express my feelings about that.

Umm Sultan: At one point in the poem you say "they reject the revelation for high like lies" what did you mean by that?

Sarai Ruth: That the lies are fair-seeming, they seem formidable, and because of their seeming formidability people are attracted to them. So they aren't actually high, but they have this facade of being high.

Umm Sultan: When you're talking about strings and blasts what are you referring to?

Sarai Ruth: The string theory and the big bang theory.


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