Purifying Your Intentions When Seeking Knowledge [Sketchnotes]

A talk by Shaykh Saad Taseleem where he discusses the importance of intentions when seeking knowledge. From last year's NJ Dawah Conference:

This year's NJ Dawah Conference  My Quran, My Salvation, My Foundation is right around the corner with Shaykh Saad Tasleem, and other great speakers including:

  • Shaykh Yasir Fahmy
  • Imam Shadeed Muhammad
  • Dr. Hatem El Haj
  • Shaykh Ibrahim Zidan
  • Shaykh Shakiel Humayn
  • Shaykh Mohammad El Shinawy
  • Dr. Abu Zayd
  • Sister Suzy Ismail
also featuring FREE Friday, a live taping of Imam Shadeed Muhammad's The Mardiyah Show, and poetry by Ammar Alshukry and Ibrahim Jaaber.


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