Pssst! Did You Peep My Name in the Index Pt. II

In a recent post, I shared how I got to be included in Mike Rhode's latest book, The Sketchnote Workbook. What I didn't share however, was WHAT it was that I contributed.

Here is a screen shot of the page where a snippet of my work was featured:

Screenshot of The Sketchnote Workbook, p. 172 via Mike Rhode

Not knowing how much, or little, Mike needed in order to illustrate the concept, I re-worked the whole first page of notes from Nouman Ali Khan's talk on Gratitude at the RIS Convention. I sent Mike a photo of the original notes (which I'd done early on in my sketchnoting career). At the time I was still wracking my brain as to what talk with a universal theme I could use for this particular project. When Mike emailed me back and said he liked the Gratitude notes I decided to update them to make them less Muslim jargon-y and also to improve the notes overall. Here is the resulting page in full:

I left the verse here blank for the purpose of Mike adding it back in digitally. Here is the actual verse w. translation.

Screenshot from 14:7

Pep Talk:

You may recall one of my sketchnoting tips was to look at other people's work; they can provide inspiration & put you on to "advanced" techniques. The saving the Quran for later technique is actually something I picked up on by viewing some of Aneesah Satriya's old sketchnotes. In addition to the notes featured on Sketchy Ummah, you can find great notes on Sketchnote Army, and Mike's Sketchnote Handbook flickr group. Continue viewing other people's notes, and experiment with new techniques as you discover the workflow and personal style that work for you.


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