Psssst! Did You Peep My Name in the Index??

Screenshot of one of The Sketchnote Workbook index pages

Yep! That's my name in the index of Mike Rhode's newest book The Sketchnote Workbook*!

Side note for anyone unfamiliar with the term "Umm" that's not ACTUALLY my first name. Umm means mother in Arabic and Sultan is the name of my oldest son, so Umm Sultan means mother of Sultan. Ok carry on!

Let's rewind shall we! Back in December Mike Rhode celebrated the one year anniversary of the release of his first book, The Sketchnote Handbook. Just after wrapping up the celebration and giveaway he announced that his publishing company Peachpit had offered him a deal for a second book on sketchnoting where he'd be able to explore some other uses for sketchnotes, outside of meetings/classes. To get the ball rolling Mike put out a community survey asking among other things for any "interesting, unique or unusual" ways that people use sketchnotes. I answered the survey, with what seems like a whole thesis, and went about my merry little way.

In the first book Mike featured plenty of example sketchnotes from other folks in the sketchnoting community, besides himself. As I pressed send on the survey I thought to myself wouldn't it be cool if one of my notes would be included in book #2. Though I thought it'd be super cool, I didn't really bank on it for a few reasons.

1. I felt relatively new to the sketchnote game and didn't really think my sketchnotes were up to par to be featured in a book by THE Mike Rhode.

2. Umm in case you haven't noticed my social media profiles & email address all read "Sketchy Muslims". My tip had to do with how I manage to accurately quote the Qu'ran while taking sketchnotes of Islamic lectures. Cool or not I highly doubted that anyone would be tripping over themselves to include an example of that in their book!

Boy was I wrong! The sketchnoting community as a whole has been really awesome and I continue to be surprised when I get likes, retweets, followers and positive feedback from those people outside of the Muslim community just because they think I did a cool sketchnote, regardless if the topic isn't really their "thing".

Anyway I was estatic just to get a reply back from Mike offering to send me a review copy of the first book, (which at the time of the survey I hadn't gotten yet). I'll share more on how I felt about the book in the next post. Imagine my surprise when a few months later he actually asked me to be a contributor for the Workbook!

I was all at once honored, humbled, and quite honestly a bit terrified. The terrified part had to do with what I saw as the weight of the task. Given how Islam is often painted in the current socio-political climate, the opportunity for me to contribute a sketchnote featuring a portion of my Holy book in a mainstream publication to me was a HUGE blessing and responsibility. I knew it was important to pick a universal message and something that could resonate with people from any faith tradition, but newsflash there's actually LOTS of universal messages in the Quran and I didn't feel quite qualified to pick which one! After seeking counsel about it, it was actually Mike who helped me decide on what lecture I'd use for my sketchnote fodder.

So that's the backstory of how my name got to be in the index of The Sketchnote Workbook. Stay tuned because in the next two posts I'll talk a bit about my aha moment once I finally got The Sketchnote Handbook, and finally do a "reveal" of the page in The Sketchnote Workbook where my tip is featured!

If you can't wait to get your hands on The Sketchnote Workbook you can download a copy of a FREE  chapter here.

FYI: You can still pre-order The Sketchnote Workbook on Amazon for about another week before the  official release date. The pre-order price saves you 30%.

*Disclosure: Surprise this blog post actually doesn't contain any affiliate links. However, if you shop using Amazon Smile 0.5% of your purchase will be donated to a charity organization of your choice. There are plenty of great organizations to choose from including the ALIM Program & Charity Water.


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