Ramadan Slump? There's a Round Up for that too!

Ma sha Allah, can you believe that 1/3 of Ramadan has already passed us? We've now reached the middle 10 days which for some folks means a Ramadan Slump. What is a Ramadan Slump you ask?
Well many of us are revved up at the beginning of the month visiting the masjid often, reading a juz or more of Quran daily, and doing extra ibaadat, but as is human some of us experience a dip and find that we aren't as diligent as we were in the beginning. If that's the case w. you don't beat yourself up.

I've compiled this short round up of resources that address the Ramadan Slump and provide some tips  on what you can do about it!

1. To start off the roundup, Productive Muslim has two articles that address dealing with the Mid-Ramadan slump and earing up for the Home Stretch (when a lot of folks get their 2nd wind and finish up strong.)

How You Can Beat the 'Mid-Ramadan Slump by Ayesha Salahuddin
Saving the Best for the Last: Motivation for the  Last Stretch of Ramadan by Dalya Ayoub

Abu Productive also has a daily series of Ramadan reminders that may help you if you're feeling a dip in your productivity during the month, there are short videos that address energy management, focus management, sleep management & more!

2. A brief Facebook reminder from Navaid Aziz

3. Tomorrow (July 12th) Shaykh Omar Suleiman will once again join Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan for their Ramadan Halftime Report where they'll answer the top 10 Ramadan questions submitted by users LIVE. Sign up for a FREE Ilmflix account to get access to this and MORE great content.

If you missed the Halftime report from 2013 you can find it here, and nowthe 2014 video is also available here.

4. And last but not least this lecture by Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef is chockfull of beneficial reminders and tips to get you out of your slump.  Below you'll find a preview of just the first page of notes, as a special thank you to my email subscribers I've made sketch notes of the talk that I'll be delivering right to your inbox this weekend! So don't forget to subscribe below.

The Fasting & The Furious: How to Drive Your Motivation Throughout Ramadan

In this talk Shaykh Muhammad also mentions his Heartwheel Journal which can be downloaded here and a playlist of episodes explaining each of the journal's sections can be found here.

Finally, if you are looking for some tips on making Powerful Du'a (especially as you get ready for the last 10 nights of Ramadan) check out the Du'a Roundup.

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