Rehearsing for Ramadan [Sketchnotes]

I recently stumbled across this video training course done by Brother Kareem Elsayed in 2012.

The complete playlist is below as well as some sketchnotes from the last video.

For more from Brother Kareem check out this year's Awesome Ramadan series over on Productive Muslim & be sure to download the FREE Goal Setting & Dua worksheets.

Part 3 of the Awesome Ramadan series (which coincides w. video #8 in the playlist) also features a wonderful digital doodle done by Sr. Aneesah Satriya, Productive Muslim's own in house "Sketchy Muslim"

In part 5 of the Awesome Ramadan series he expounds even more on the original video series by providing us some tips on how we can hold a tactical planning retreat for our own families. We should always try to enter the next Ramadan better than we were at the end of the previous Ramadan, which makes Ramadan (not New Years) the perfect time for yearly planning, goal setting and taking stock. Considering this, I was planning on taking a page from Doug Neill's sketchbook and try to incorporate  sketches in my post-Ramadan reflection and planning for the upcoming year. However, I really like Brother Kareem's idea of doing your yearly planning before the last 10 nights of Ramadan so you can get a jump start on your adi'yaa for the year. Timing the retreat as Br. Kareem suggests also gives you clarity on what you want to ask for prior to laylatul qadr.


Here are my sketch notes from the last video in the series 8 Duas You Need To Be Making This Ramadan. Though I'm having a hard time limiting myself to JUST 8 this framework has been useful for making sure my adi'yaa are diverse and I'm not just focusing on a single aspect of life. I choose to break the "OTHERS" category out into two distinct categories, Others being people I actually know & Ummah being more encompassing.

For more tips on crafting impactful adi'yaa and the importance of du'a especially during Ramadan, look out for my Du'a Roundup post. 


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