Ramadan Battle Plan 2014

Photography by Maryam of CMYK Lab

June has been a whirlwind month for me and I haven't done nearly as much blogging and note taking as I would have liked. Amidst all of the running here and there I was so happy when my Ramadan Battle Plan arrived at my doorstep! I'll confess I'm not really a "planner" person, not one of those people who spends hours organizing their filofax, and I rarely even use the calendar features on my phone and computer.

However, I am really looking forward to using my Battle Plan. Even if I don't plan out my days to a T, I like the fact that I can use it in the evening to check of what things I did do and what sunan I performed. There are plenty of great features even for folks like me who aren't uber diligent about the planning aspects. This is my second year using the Ramadan Battle Plan so it has been nice to refer back to last year's planner and do some self-reflection, see how many of the goals I set last year that I've hit and what adi'yaa I want to carry over for this Ramadan.

Photography by Maryam of CMYK Lab

Ma sha Allah this year's planner is packed with even more information than last year's and has a section dedicated to helping you brainstorm your goals for Ramadan & Beyond( I wasn't intentionally trying to sound like Buzz Lightyear, promise).

In sha Allah this week I'll be posting more notes on Ramadan planning, but in the meantime, grab your copy of the Ramadan Battle Plan, offered in three different formats to fit your budget and convenience.

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