Du'a Roundup

Heads up I'm going to be using the word adi'yaa a lot, in case you aren't familiar it's just the plural form of du'a :)

For the last week or so my focus has been polishing up my adi'yaa and getting clear on what I want to pray for during Ramadan. In the process, I've come across some really great resources online that may help you dust off your list of same old same old adi'yaa & create adi'yaa that are personal, meaningful and sincere!

  • Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef is gearing up for Visionaire Ramadan  and has released two short   videos with tips on how to "Raise Your Du'a". These tips are really useful if you are wanting to craft personal and powerful adi'yaa. Check out the first one below and check back on the Visionaire Ramadan site for video 2 and the upcoming third video.

  • Alhamdullilah I also stumbled upon Shaykh Yasir Qadhi's Ramadan Reminder series from 2012. I'm working my way through taking notes on the ones related to du'a and I'll update this post as I complete them. I'll go ahead and post all the videos now though in case you get to them before I do!

  • My very first time taking sketch notes at a live event, rather than from video/audio (that can be paused) was attending Bayyinah's Du'a Night at Drexel University with Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda. There is no video to post, but I've found it helpful to review my sketch notes from the event in my quest to step up my du'a game. I've included the Flickr set of notes below so you can check them out too!

  • Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

    • Though the focus of this post is mostly resources to help you  write personalized adi'yaa, Ramadan IS the month of the Quran. Learning a new Quranic du'a or two is definitely a worthwhile task for the month. Lucky for you, Hafidh Wisam Sharieff has a playlist of 30 Qur'anic Supplications for your review, if you head on over to the AQL website you can also download the Qur'anic Supplications course packet that students of the course get. The videos are super short most under 5 mins, and Hafidh Wisam focuses on tajweed so it's MUCH better than trying to stumble your way through a written transliteration.

    • If you just want to listen to some really beautiful adi'yaa or get some inspiration, you can't go wrong with the du'a by Shaykh Mishary Alfasy & the du'a by Shaykh Muhammad Jebril. You can definitely learn some du'a tricks just by watching/listening to these, pay attention to what things get repeated (and how many times), also look out for the lines prior to asking for something major they usually include praising Allah and calling on him by his names.

    I thought this part of Shaykh Mishary's du'a was amazing and super comprehensive:

    "Oh Allah! We ask you by every attribute of Yourself, which You have called Yourself or revealed in Your book, or taught any of Your creation, or kept exclusively in the knowledge of the beyond with You..."
    you might find that you'd like to adopt the same or similar wording in your own adi'yaa.

    May Allah bless Sister Shazia Ahmad who translated Shaykh Muhammad Jebril's du'a, you can find it  fully typed out on Suhaibwebb.com and it is also available there as a Word document for you to download.

    If you haven't already, check out the post featuring sketch notes from Kareem Elsayed's video 8 Duas You NEED to make this Ramadan & Enter to win your own  Premium Digital Ramadan Battle Plan which is a great place to record all your Fresh & Newly Minted Adi'yaa!


    Ma sha Allah this is like the never-ending post! In light of this GEM shared by our sister and teacher Muslema Purmul and in light of what Shaykh Yasir Qadhi mentioned in Day 20 of his series about making Du'a in ANY language I just had to share this beautiful du'a in English done by our bother Ammar AlShukhry

    OK I'm done now (I think) May Allah accept all of our sincere du'a for his sake in Ramadan and beyond. And may he reward the efforts of all the people who I've highlighted in this post. Ameen.


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