Date Pecan Pie [Sketchipe]

There are all sorts of uses for sketch notes. Though all of my notes have been from lectures, I really want to challenge myself to keep growing and trying different uses for sketch noting. For blogging purposes, I'll put my experiments with sketch noting under the tag Sketchnote Challenge & I invite you to join in.

For my first sketch note challenge, I tried a sketchipe (sketch note recipe). Inspired by Mauro Toselli, check out his collection of sketchipes on Flickr.

Medjool date pecan pie is one of our Eid favorites and always get rave reviews when it makes an appearance at an iftar. 

So anyone down to try a sketchipe? 

Draw out one of your iftar or Eid favorites & share on the
Sketchy Ummah Flickr Group & I'll post them on the blog.

If you're looking for more uses for sketch notes, go ahead and pre-order a copy of the Sketchnote Workbook by Mike Rhode due out this Summer. 


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